Bilingual Poetry Workshop at Gemini Ink

Ámbar Past, who is fluent in Spanish, English and Tzotzil, is conducting a Bilingual Poetry Workshop. For 30 years Ámbar Past has worked in the collecting, recording, and translation of Tzotzil ritual poetry, which appears in the bilingual anthologies, published by Taller Leñateros, Conjuros y ebriedades, (1998), Incantations by Mayan Women and a music CD-book, Disco de los Conjuros (in press). She is the founder and director of the prize-winning journal for art and literature La Jicara, known as “the most beautiful magazine in Mexico.” Past’s work has been shown in book arts exhibitions in the US, Mexico, Austria, Japan, France, UK, and Italy.

About the workshop:
Bilingual Poetry Workshop
Level: All
Instructor: Ámbar Past
This class will explore the subtleties of poetry written in English, Spanish, Tzotzil Maya and other Amerindian languages. Students will have ample opportunity to both write and read their own poetry, whether it be in English or Spanish, and handouts will be provided including selections from Federico Garcia Lorca, Rosario Castellanos, Jaime Sabines, and Juan Felipe Herrera. Discussion will include poetics and methods for eliminating writer’s block.

Where: Gemini Ink, 513 S. Presa, San Antonio, TX
Date: Sunday, Oct. 10, 9am – noon
Limit: 20 participants
Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Oct. 6
Teachers CPE Credits: 3 Language Arts
Discounted Fee: $60


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Cathy Brillson said...

That's just half of the fun!
Ambar Past and Maruch Mendez Peres will be teaching at the Southwest School of Art on 10/8 and 10/9 -- their workshop Alquimia Para Principiantes -- or Alchemy For Beginners -- explores paper and papermaking. Both days are full, but we're delighted to welcome these two unique women to San Antonio!