"Art on the Hill" has a unique art exhibit on October 8th as we welcome the San Antonio Visual Artists (SAVA) to our neighborhood! In addition to a splendid exhibition of art, sculpture and ceramics you will experience an evening where zombies come to life throughout the art walk! SAC's "ONSTAGE Drama Club" will break into impromptu "flash mobs" performing for patrons along the art walk route. On the artwalk you will view:

The continuing "Trace Elements"-regional photographers document the interplay between nature and urban society at SAC VAC; Metal & Stone Sculptures and paintings by SAVA artists; Paintings on plexiglass & artistic assemblage of recycled objects at La Casa Rosa Art Studio; Handcrafted ceramic work at Tycoon Flats; Original impressionistic paintings at Treasured Restorations; VSA Artists of Texas unleash their creative power at High Wire Art Gallery; The Josephine Gallery features 3 artists/illustrators

"Time Warp" performance by SAC DRAMA Club at 9pm at the St Mary's/Josephine triangle

See you on the 8th of October! Please make note that SAC VAC is open from 5pm to 8pm; whereas all other venues are open from 6pm to 10pm with entertainment and refreshments. Don't forget to take the trolley!

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