CineFestival 33 - Day 2

On the second day of CineFestival, the morning line-up was cancelled due to the rare dust of snow and icy, closed highways. Those who ventured out in the evening were treated to a mix of vintage.

Run, Tecato, Run (Run, Junkie, Run) is a 1979 classic filmed in San Antonio, directed by and starring Efraín Gutiérrez. The film was restored and presented by the UCLA Film and Television Archive. Lauded as the first Chicano feature filmmaker, Gutiérrez attended last night’s screening.

“Walkin After Midnight” screened after
Run, Tecato, Run.” It’s music video for the local band Girl in a Coma who cover the Patsy Cline favorite. Bass player Jen Alva directed it, and you can see it here:

And, if you missed Thursday’s episode of KLRN’s “Conversations,” TPR reporter David Martin Davies speaks with GCAC Director Patty Ortiz and CineFestival Co-Curator Jim Mendiola.

Watch the full episode. See more Conversations.

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